The Game

You are an engineer (the cute guy below) who programs all the robots on the field so roby can get to the flag. Only  roby has to get to the flag, the other robots can be sacrificed!!!


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsSaturn91, EinsteinsErbe, Alice_sqr
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, Hacking, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Robots, Singleplayer, wowie


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Controls are a bit confusing especially at the start. I like the game idea and the pixel art graphics style. The music is a bit annoying and repetitive.

Controls are unnecessarily confusing. I spent a few minutes trying to start the game with standard Enter or Space. Turns out "Enter" enters pause.

Then it took some minutes to be able to program robots. I understood how it works, but it would be so much more convenient if you could just press WASD and it would record corresponding direction (instead of Up/Down selecting direction from the list).

I wasn't able to pass Level 3. I though main character is supposed to go on the left spot and bomby - two cells to the right. Then, assuming bomby explodes with radius=1, main character is safe. But no - main character explodes.

So I assumed that bomby explodes far enough to explode 2 tiles away, but probably not far enough to explode sqrt(5) tiles (knights move) away, so I placed bomby in the bottom left and main character - in the top right. Main character indeed stayed intact, but bomby only exploded one tile away this time, not two.


Thx for your feedback.

As this game is programmed in pico8 the controls are as they are, there is no way to change them...

As this was a game jam game we really did our best implementing the controls as they are and are pretty happy with ghe fact that they work at all.

Regarding bombies radius, if roby starts to move to the right as bomby is exploding, even if is visuals are still on the left at the beginning of the term, he will be in radius if it is the case for the pos at the end of the turn.

Thx for playing

there is no way to change them...

:( Nevertheless, congrats on making it work!

With bombing, I did it on two successive moves:

  1. (Move 'n') Main goes left
  2. (Move 'n+1') Bomby explodes

So in my view, Main one shouldn't explode, but I guess it was still slightly colliding at the moment of explosion

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No issue ;-)

I am really thankfull for feedback in all cases!

Regarding Level 3:
if you are in this situation and bomby is going to explode in the next round, roby has to wait one turn during the explosion. Then it is solvable.

I see it like this, we analyze more people playing and if this is pretty common, we might want to remove that robots are exploding if they start moving into the radius during the explosion (we would basically only look at the position right before the explosion).

I am 90% sure I waiter Roby's turn during explosion. It seems like the the turns are not exactly discrete and I guess Roby's previous turn (going left) might not have been fully finished

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The programming's a little tedious but overall really well done!


Extremely well made!  Incredibly unique feeling. I love the fact that there's a newer concept for a puzzle game built on top of a tried and true style. Had great fun, will probably come back and finish it later!

Fun fact, this was the first game I checked out because it shares the robot name, "Roby" with mine :) 


Well done. Fun game, easy to understand with problem solving each level.