Oh no! All the bosses of our past video games have decided to fight us :S Please help us defeating them!

how to play:

Roll the dice to fight each boss. The damage dealt depends on the dice results. You can re-roll a few dice per round. But beware, the opponent does the same! After defeating the boss, you can swap one die with the opponent. There are different dice, try to collect the best ones! Roll combos to get bonuses.


Play it in the browser on mobile, it should be self-explanatory :D

  • x: X on keyboard
  • o: C on keyboard
  • use arrow keys to select dice and options


  • made in about 24h for the GMTK Jam 2022
  • made with pico-88
  • made by saturn91 and EinsteinsErbe


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Clear controls and some great art