Getting it polished - finaly

Hi folks

So I started developping my first ever to be published game "AI-Buster" somwhere back in Summer 2019. It took me an surprsingly short amount of time to get it to "Demo-worthy" state. But even when I labeled the game "published" some months ago,  it wasn't really finished.

It ist planed to polish the game and add more features during my X-Mas break from Work. Lets see how far we I can get. Here just some upcomming features from my Trello list.

Cheers and merry X-Mas



AI-Buster.apk 29 MB
Dec 21, 2019
AI-Buster-setup.exe 15 MB
Dec 21, 2019 22 MB
Dec 21, 2019 35 MB
Dec 21, 2019 19 MB
Dec 21, 2019 19 MB
Dec 21, 2019 21 MB
Dec 21, 2019

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